David the Light

Let’s see … what makes David, David?

Writing. Love to write. Very cathartic. The mind is a fragile thing.
Photography. Love to shoot. Everything.
Classical music. Mozart. Vivaldi. The best.
Jazz. Just the good stuff. Kenny G is not the good stuff.
Classic Rock. Nuff said.

Hockey. Football. Baseball.
Classic cars. Someday I’ll steal one. (Favorite: 1967 Chevy Impala on Supernatural.)

Astronomy. Love the stars. All 693,397,657,431,387,486 of them. (I counted. Prove me wrong.)

Books. Like gold.
Movies. The ones that move me.

Cold wine. Ice frikkin’ cold.
Cereal. Every day. All day if I could.

Laughter. Seriously.

Red lights. Hate ‘em.
Bad TV. Bad movies. Bad books. Life’s waaaay too short.
Not-nice people. Life’s waaaay too short.
Clowns. Politicians or Pennywise. Take your pick.
Light pollution. The night sky is dying. Endangered species.

Time. Where does it go.