Fountains at Dawn

Catching something different is what my photography is all about. As an early riser who loves to rollerblade, I’ve often seen beautiful scenes in the golden light of sunrise that make me come back with my camera on another day (at the time, I’m usually kicking myself for blading instead of shooting, but hey, you can only juggle so many coconuts at one time).

If you’ve ever seen the fountains at Barrie’s Heritage Park in the early morning, you know how magical this place can appear. Catching the light before the fountains kick-in is really something special and unique, and print film allowed me to capture all of the tones and shadows that weave so fluidly through this scene.

If you’re new to the Barrie area or haven’t taken a walk along the waterfront in a while, take a nice morning stroll down by the beach. It’s not only great for your health, but great for your soul.