DOH! The Conclusion

In a previous blog, aptly titled DOH!the tale of the dumbass photographer too stupid to watch what he’s doing—I made references to some photographs that might be posted in another blog. This is that blog.

As a refresher, I was up early one morning, fighting fog and fatigue, and as I waited for the fog to lift, made good use of the thick stuff to make some nice wildlife photographs. Photographing landscapes in fog is one thing—set up a tripod, frame your shot, click and go home—but shooting unidentified flying objects like waterfowl in a thick, soupy mist? You’ve got better odds at the craps table than getting a great (or even not so great) shot.

I must have rolled three consecutive sevens. I felt like the Professor in Kurt Vonnegut’s “Report on the Barnhouse Effect.” Lucky me.

Seriously, there was luck with these shots, but some skill as well. Panning with any moving object (birds, puppies, cars, puppies chasing cars) takes practice. But once you get good at it, the effort pays off. You won’t always hit a home run, but more often than not, you’ll get on base.

Birds in foggy flight #1

Birds in foggy flight #2

Birds in foggy flight #3

Did I mention the dumbass photographer? Well, if you read that blog, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. I went home with a great shot, sure, but I also overstayed my welcome and managed to get another one. Here it is, in colour and black and white. The black and white version (which I prefer) reminds me of the old Dracula and Frankenstein movies from the 1930s. Is this the last of my DOH! moments? Unlikely.

Dumbass pic #1

Dumbass pic #2

[Arachnophobes: Still with me? Check out this creepy, but cool, video. You gotta admit, these are talented little tent poppers.]