Book Review ~ Cassidy Jones And The Secret Formula by Elise Stokes

When I was young (gas was a whopping 32 cents a gallon), I was enthralled by the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories created by Edward Stratemeyer. I may have read every one of them. Nancy was smart, strong, and self-assured, with virtually endless resources at her fingertips—a teenage superhero for her time. Let me assure you, Cassidy Jones is no Nancy Drew. She’s smart, yes, but more importantly, she’s real—a typical young girl in today’s angst-ridden society, just trying to grow up and find her way. Unlike Nancy, who was seemingly ten feet tall and bulletproof, Cassidy is an accident waiting to happen.

And happen it does. With an intriguing plot that captivates from the opening line, Cassidy leaps from shy-girl to super-girl, discovering amazing new abilities and going toe-to-toe with the Bad Guys, all the while fighting her own personal battles. The story moves at a breathless pace, with superb writing and compelling storytelling. You simply have to turn the page.

Elise Stokes is a fine writer, spinning a wildly entertaining ride from beginning to end. With a supporting cast of memorable characters, Cassidy Jones And The Secret Formula leaves you wanting more. It will appeal strongly to the young adult audience, but is so well written it will appeal to a far larger (younger and older) group of readers. The first book in the Cassidy Jones Adventures series, this is a remarkable debut that should be on everyone’s bookshelf. Which reminds me, I’ve got some old Nancy Drew Mysteries to dump off at the used book store—I need the space for the new kid on the superhero block, Cassidy Jones.