Thrills, Chills, And Kills – A KILLER FREE KINDLE EVENT

Your heart pounds. Your hand trembles. You look past that cursed half-wall of your cubicle, and the boss taps his watch with that edgy, Where’s that report? scowl. You should be working, but you can’t focus, for as you guide your mouse over every enticing thumbnail, your pulse quickens.

“Never tried that,” you whisper, fearful of being exposed. You nearly click the mouse, but your eyes catch fire at the sight of something teasingly tempting—something you would never have imagined could stir you so. Yielding to the rising rush within you, you scroll over to it, and as you click on it, you stop, knowing full well you want them all. You just … can’t … choose.

Welcome to Thrills, Chills … and Kills. #FREEThrills

For three amazing days, eight incredible authors have come together as one unstoppable force. From October 16 through October 18, 2012, indulge and immerse yourself in the minds and worlds of some of the best Indie writers today. For FREE.

Admit it. It’s okay. Everyone’s doing it. You want to try them all.

Murder and Revenge. Passion and Romance. Inspiration and Adventure. Redemption and Power.

And it’s all yours. For FREE.

And you want them all.