Book Review ~ Cassidy Jones and Vulcan’s Gift by Elise Stokes

Sitting in the theater at the end of Peter Jackson’s The Fellowship of the Ring, we all remember how we felt. What? We have to wait a year to see what happens next? And when that year finally passed and we sat enthralled at the end of The Two Towers, watching Frodo and Sam gaze up in terror at Mt. Doom, there was a collective groan by the audience of, “No! You can’t stop NOW!”

This is exactly how I felt after finishing the captivating Cassidy Jones And Vulcan’s Gift, the second installment of Elise Stokes’ superb Cassidy Jones Adventures series.

I’m hooked. Totally hooked.

From the get-go, the story grabs hold of you, the taut action picking up right after the end of the excellent Cassidy Jones And The Secret Formula. With barely a breath between the wonderfully crafted action scenes, we see Cassidy coming into her own with her newfound powers, fitting into them like a well-oiled glove. The brilliant plot unfolds fluidly, with an interesting historical twist that serves to create a fresh and menacing adversary.

The writing is solid from start to finish, with just the right touch of humanness and humor. Character development, so often lacking in novels of this type, shows a young girl coming to grips with an impossible life, impossible predicaments, and impossible feelings for two handsome and intelligent young men. Torn between infatuation with one and true friendship with another, we find Cassidy beginning to share a growing bond with Emery Phillips, her über-intelligent friend and protector, a bond that often hints at a deeper connection between them. At one point, Emery helps Cassidy off a swing, a small but sweet gesture that warms her heart. It is a human moment, a precious one cherished amid the chaos in Cassidy’s life.

So: What do we have? A thrilling plot. Twists and turns. Action. More action. Great characters. Great writing. Did I forget something?

Oh … right.

It has a FANTASTIC ending that will leave you pounding the arms of your chair screaming, “No! You can’t stop NOW!”