Book Review ~ Kilimanjaro – One Man’s Quest To Go Over The Hill by M. G. Edwards

When I began reading Kilimanjaro: One Man’s Quest To Go Over The Hill, I quickly realized two things. First, M. G. Edwards is a superbly talented writer. Second, anything is possible.

This inspirational true story chronicles the day-by-day hiking trek to the summit of Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain. Fascinating by itself, the real story is the courage and fortitude of the author as he summons the will to confront not only the perils of the mountain, but a far more dangerous demon: a burning mid-life crisis.

At forty years of age, out of shape, and struggling with an unsatisfying and demoralizing career, Michael Edwards knew that something had to give. Life had to change. For many people, such frustration and fear is all too real and paralyzing. Better the demon we know, no matter how unhappy and unfulfilled we are.

Virtually overnight—well, several nights—Michael Edwards changed his stars. Tackling something as monstrous as a mountain, he overcame adversity, cold, heat, searing aches and pains, channeling all of these victories toward a single goal: to prove to himself that from this point forward, nothing could stand in his way. Not a mountain, not an unhappy life.

Read this book. Change your stars. It’s that good.