Love Our Home

earth-day-1600x800As a photographer and an amateur astronomer, I have developed such an appreciation for the natural world around me that I feel its important that we celebrate Earth Day.

I created this montage of images to celebrate our planet. I can take credit for a few of the images here, but certainly not all of them. Most of them were on the web, and to the photographers who created them, the world owes you a great debt. They are remarkable and beautiful and captivate the soul.

I think it’s important to not only recognize Earth Day, but to raise awareness of just how special—and so very precious—our pale blue dot really is. When you look around our solar system, a vast place with numerous planets, we find cold, arid Mars, the burning hell-house of Venus, the crater-pocked Mercury, gas and ice giants, frozen and fiery moons. And then you find Earth. It’s a paradise of riches, and we need to protect it. We need to hold onto it with both hands; we need to cradle it. Nurture it. It’s all we have.

Love Our Home.