Book Review ~ The Bones of Others by Vickie McKeehan

The Bones of Others-NEW



When I picked up The Bones of Others by Vickie McKeehan, I expected something different—and was not disappointed. McKeehan is known for spinning tales of romantic suspense that push the boundaries of the genre, and this, a foray into darker, edgier suspense, is a terrific read.

Skye Cree—a survivor of a brutal abduction from a vile sexual predator—is the heart and soul of this story. Guided by a mystical spirit guide who reveals clues to her of the locations of abducted girls, she summons the courage to turn her horrifying life experience into a positive force for justice, all the while fighting the demons that have haunted her for years as she falls for a man for the first time in her life.

But while a love story at heart—and with heart—this story is so much more. With courage and inner strength that rivals Sigourney Weaver’s portrayal of Ripley in the Alien movies, Skye faces her ultimate test as she races against time to save a series of young girls from a horrific life of sexual abuse in a tragic human-trafficking ring.

The Bones of Others is not for the faint of heart. It deals with real issues and pulls no punches. Entertaining, often humorous, very touching, it has a pulse-pounding pace that will have you asking for more.