Meet the characters of Velvet Rain — and more


I’ve had the great fortune of meeting several amazing authors over the last few years, and was quite fortunate to be asked to join a blog hop to discuss the characters in one of my novels. When author C.L.R. Dougherty, the best-selling author of the Bluewater Thrillers, contacted me, I accepted immediately. I was thrilled when Bud asked. Thank you, my friend!

You can find out more about C.L.R. Dougherty and his great novels here.

So … let’s get on with the blog hop. What’s Velvet Rain about?DAVID C CASSIDY - VELVET RAIN

At its heart, it’s a thriller, with terror and twists and ultimate evil, and yet it’s true power lies in its moving human story. The story of a man on the run–a man with a unique and tragic gift–and ultimately proves that we can all be heroes to someone.

The location

Velvet Rain is a period-piece that takes place in the racial and political strife of the early 1960s in the American Midwest–specifically, Iowa. Grounded in historical fact, the story, by its unique nature, turns history on its side when you least expect it.

Kain Richards

Kain Richards was born a miracle, and despite his amazing and powerful gift, is a classic tragic figure. The last of his kind, he’s a man on the run, a drifter with a miserable existence; his only want is to be normal, to love, and be loved. His “gift” if his curse, for wherever he goes, death follows … and so does his enemy, Brikker.


Brikker is decadent. Brikker is evil. He’s a brilliant physicist and physician, schooled in the sciences, but truly an artist in the works of torture. He, too, possesses an astonishing ability, and coupled with his obsession to capture Kain Richards and tap into Kain’s power, poses the ultimate threat to mankind. He will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Is Velvet Rain as intense as I’ve heard?

Yes. The story goes to very dark places, places that may make you cringe. But it’s just as intense in its heartwarming, uplifting spirit–which lead to very high places, indeed.

Do you have an excerpt?

Brikker stepped to the left of the naked woman strapped in the chair. Every sound seemed highly tuned and amplified, sharp yet indefinable.

“So . . . what do we know? Hmmm? What do we know.”

The woman stiffened. Her eyes darted as those elusive footfalls came again.

She uttered a small shriek when Brikker touched her.

“Shhhhh.” He was right behind her now, whispering from the dark. He stroked her scalp with an ochred finger stained from a lifetime of smoking, let it run along the imperfect form of her skull; let it trace the four black digits tattooed there. Someone—Richards, he supposed—might have found her attractive. He found her repulsive. Most women were.

“Shhhhh,” he whispered again. “That’s better. Perhaps you’d like something to eat, hmmm?”

The woman tried to nod, but her bonds prevented such an act. She uttered a yes that was hardly discernible.

“Soon,” Brikker told her. “As much as you want.”

The woman squirmed, trying to hold it in. Finally, she urinated. Her piddle dribbled over the edge of the chair and pooled at her feet.

“Do you know what day it is?” The words circled in the darkness with every step.

There was no reply. The eyes told him no.

“The month?”

His voice rose slightly.

“Tell me your name.”

There was some hesitation, but then the words came dutifully, if dismally—four digits—not a syllable more. He grinned.

“Do you remember Sarah? Sarah-Jane?”

No reply.

DO YOU REMEMBER SARAH-JANE?” The words blasted from the blackness like bullets.


She was lying. He could smell deception, as if it were a rotting carcass splayed before him. He stepped into the light, his formlessness becoming form in silhouette. He paused, and then he slapped her with brutal force.

The woman wept. Her breath came as a thin whistle through the wide gap where her upper teeth had been. Her eyes, bulging from her emaciated face, gave her the appearance of a humanoid insect.

Where can I get Velvet Rain? 

Right here.

Do you have any other books coming out?

Fosgate’s Game, a supernatural thriller, is out now. The Dark, an atmospheric tale of dark horror, is coming soon … very soon.

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