Thrills from the Skies!

I had the pleasure and good fortune of working on another book cover for Dana Griffin, the author of the nail-biting airline thrillers, Coerced and The Cover-Up. I did the cover for Coerced, and was thrilled when Dana asked me to create a cover for his latest book, Calamity.

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Would you put your family on a Contrails Airline flight?

Contrail Airline flight 1917 descending to land at Denver airport during a snowstorm loses power to both engines. The aircraft glides to an unplowed runway, violently coming to a stop in a snowbank.

NTSB investigator Lori Masters’ team is assigned to investigate the accident of a foreign-manufactured aircraft that began flying in the U.S. in the last six months by a startup airline.

Lori’s team encounters data being stolen that would tell them what happened during the accident flight, and witnesses murdered. The lives of Lori, her husband Kyle, a Boeing subject matter expert, and her daughter, are put in danger.

Calamity - Proof 2 6 x 9-Shadowed

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