COVER REVEAL – Fosgate’s Game

It’s a new year, and sometimes, that old adage rings true: “Out with the old, in with the new.” I’ve been busy revamping a lot of things lately, and the cover for my supernatural novella was next on the list. Like all of the covers I create for other authors, I had my usual goals: Go for the throat with drop-dead impact, and have a blast while creating it.

FOSGATE’S GAME – Only 99 cents!FosgatesGame-SHADOWED

Horror master David C. Cassidy dares you to light up a candle and curl up in your favorite reading chair on a cold, blustery night. Take in the sounds, the smells, the sensation of utter terror, as you weather a journey into the darkest side of the human psyche. In this chilling tale of supernatural horror where Stephen King meets The Twilight Zone, nothing is ever as it seems–and nothing can prepare you for what lurks in the hearts of men.


For Chadwick Harlow, a peaceful, easy-going Englishman, after-dinner drinks with his business partner–a ruthless, hard-edged hunter–is a weekly affair. But when casual conversation takes a mysterious and menacing turn into the supernatural, his wits are put to the test in a deadly challenge. Clinging to life but praying for death, Chadwick must summon the will to survive, before all is lost in a terrifying descent into madness.

Praise for Fosgate’s Game:

“Eloquent and eerie … this is how a story should be written.”

“Move over Twilight Zone … David C. Cassidy may have you beat.”

“The Dark Arts are alive in this novella … Cassidy shows us the epitome of evil.”

“This one will curl your hair.”

“Sinister and dark … keeps you looking for the next page.”