Book Review ~ Calamity by Dana Griffin



Afraid of flying? I am. Always have been, always will be. And after reading Dana Griffin’s latest airline thriller, Calamity, I’ll be taking trains or ships from now on. Maybe just a walker.

Calamity is a slam-bang thriller with plenty of action and mystery woven into a tale of deception, lies, and cover-ups. The author, an experienced airline pilot, teases us from chapter to chapter with just enough bread crumbs to keep you turning the page. His impressive and intimate knowledge of aircraft and investigative procedures shines through, giving the reader not only an insight into how air disasters are investigated, but an exciting story that makes you wonder how safe air travel really is when special interests and big money are at stake.

I don’t know an N1 gauge from an N2, but if you’re into airline thrillers–or just a plain good read that’ll keep you guessing–look no further. Highly recommended.