Serial for your Cereal — and only $1.99

I’ll be honest. My best-selling thriller, Velvet Rain, is a big book. (Most of my works are.) I grew up on Poe and King and Koontz. Clive Barker. These guys wrote tomes, too. Having said that, you might want to try biting off a smaller taste of Velvet Rain … and I’m giving you that chance. A little “serial for your cereal,” if you will. (I like to read while I have my morning cereal, which invariably consists of several whole grain cereals, with fresh raisins, strawberries, blueberries, and peaches.)

So, without further ado … strike that, let’s have further ado. When you purchase Velvet Rain in full–or in parts–you can also get a free copy of my supernatural thriller, Fosgate’s Game just for signing up for my newsletter! How’s that for ado?


Okay, with still a wee bit of ado … here’s the synopsis of the full book:

In the unbound spirit of Stephen King’s The Green Mile, David C. Cassidy takes you on an extraordinary journey into the heart of the human soul, where one man’s incredible story of courage and tragedy will lift you, shock you, stir you–and leave you begging for more.


A mysterious drifter, Kain Richards is the last of his kind–and a man on the run. Once a tortured prisoner and pawn in a deadly experiment, his freedom hangs in the balance against the relentless pursuit from an obsessed and brutal madman who will stop at nothing to possess him. So when Kain falls for a beautiful and sensible Iowa farmwoman, his very presence puts their lives in peril. A tragic accident forces his hand, and his astonishing secret–and godlike power–threatens not only his life and the woman he loves, but the fate of the entire world.

ONLY $1.99? (sounds like more ado to me)

Now, without further ado (I promise)… here’s the synopsis of the first installment of this serialized three-set volume: Velvet Rain Part I – LIFE.

Pursued by the brilliant and sadistic Brikker–an evil physicist whose unique and dangerous power holds the key to the future of mankind–Kain Richards, a mysterious drifter, has become weary of the road and makes the fateful decision to put down roots in a sleepy Iowa town. Taking a job as a farm hand, he meets the beautiful Lynn Bishop and falls hard for her, knowing full well the perils of getting too close. And yet, for the first time, life feels normal … feels real. But when a tragic accident forces him to unleash his astonishing power, those around him soon realize that reality is not what it seems. Strange events begin to occur that threaten to expose Kain’s secret, placing him at odds with those around him–and throwing them all into grave danger.

Happy reading … and happy cereal.

See you in Velvet Rain Part II – DEATH.