3D Cover 2 - Cropped Transparen 420 WIDEtGetting recognition from your peers–no matter what the endeavor–is always satisfying.

It’s a real kick.

Five months ago, I submitted my latest book, The Dark, to the Independent Publisher Book Awards in two horror categories: The Nationals and Regionals. I packaged up the print copies and sent them off, fingers crossed. Well, after a lonnnnnng, cold winter, they announced the winners last week.

Honestly, it took me almost four days before I had the courage to click on the link. Seriously. We writers are overflowing with words and ideas, but we’re also drowning in self-doubt. It’s what we do.

I have to say, I was over the moon crazy.

The Dark took home the bronze medal in the National category!

You’ll forgive me if I’m smiling as I write this. It’s corny, yes, but what the hell: Yippy for Ippy!

Oh … one more thing. I can die now. Self-doubt be damned. šŸ™‚