Book Review – Gray Vengeance by Alan McDermott

5 Stars - An amazing read! Borrow, beg, or steal a copy!GrayVengeance9/11.

We all remember where we were and what we were doing when terrorists struck America. And with Gray Vengeance, the fifth action thriller in the immensely popular Tom Gray novels by Alan McDermott, the world will remember where they were and what they were doing on “Twelve-Fifteen.”

With blitzkreig shock, well-funded and well-organized terrorists bring Britain to its knees on the fifteenth of December, 2014. A series of well-planned attacks knock out infrastructure and communications, causing mayhem, chaos, and death. Thousands are killed, leaving a government paralyzed. In this age where the world is a slave dependent to its technology, the threat in Gray Vengeance is all too real … and all too terrifying.

McDermott pulls no punches. Gray Vengeance is a hard-hitting novel, exposing the root of the West’s greatest challenge fighting terrorism: information. While the story is big on action and thrills, it holds a far greater depth, boldly asking the most important questions of our time.

What is the privacy of an individual worth? Do the ends of defeating terror justify a government’s means to monitor everything we say or do?

A hot-seat thrill-ride for the most hard-core action fan, Gray Vengeance is an astonishing, intelligent read that is as terrifying as it is satisfying—you won’t put it down.