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The Children Of The Seventh Son

   Today, I'm excited to bring you a thrilling excerpt from author Scott Bury's newest jewel in The Dark Age trilogy, Book 2, The Children of the Seventh Son. Never one to

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The Idea Train

   Where do my ideas come from? It’s a question I’ve been asked more than once. The truth is, it’s like asking, ‘How does gravity work?’ Who the hell knows.As a

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Love thy villain

   From drama to action, from horror to thriller, villains—be they animal, artificially intelligent, supernatural, or human—are the bedrock that keeps us engrossed in

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How memories inspire my writing

   Do memories inspire my writing?In a word, yes. I've always had a vivid imagination, one that’s immensely visual, and that shines through in all of my stories. But at

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Why I Write What I Write

   I’m a visual person. A creative person. As a photographer, I’m trained to “see” images before I make them. I’m trained to “create” them.For me, writing is

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