Free books. Nightmares included.

This amazing collection of chilling e-books is free for a limited time—you just need to tell me where to send it.

* Available for all e-readers and devices.

 * MOBI or EPUB format.


Never Too Late - A tragic story of one man's fear of the future ... and a life lesson for us all.


Fosgate's Game - A haunting tale of greed, dark magic, and murder. A ReadersFavorite.com 5-Star selection.


Velvet Rain - A supernatural thriller pitting unstoppable power against unstoppable evil. A ReadersFavorite.com 5-Star selection.


BONUS - Teaser chapters of The Dark, a chilling novel of insidious evil that grabs hold of your most primitive fears and cranks them up to Warp 10—and won't let go. The Dark is an IBPA (IPPY) and ReadersFavorite.com award-winner in horror fiction, and a ReadersFavorite.com 5-Star selection.

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