Dark Shapes, Dark Shadows Book 1

"Wickedly creepy."

"Horror in its finest hour."

"I dare you to try and put it down."

"David C. Cassidy never fails to terrify. HauGHnt will get you hooked ... can't wait for more. This author is right up there with Stephen King."

In his chilling series of eerie short stories, award-winning author David C. Cassidy draws you into a twisted realm of horror, where reality is a nightmare and your darkest fears lurk a heartbeat away. Welcome to Dark Shapes, Dark Shadows.

We're all damned.

It's just a question of when.

As his estranged father lies on his deathbed, Paul Steele is stunned by his father’s admission: Many years ago, he committed a ghastly crime and was never caught. As if this isn’t disturbing enough, his freedom was the result of a black-magic spell. As his last breath falls from his lips, he warns Paul that he should expect a visit from a mysterious stranger.

"He'll be coming, son. A dark man. He'll come from the shadows."

That man is Haughnt.

Available in e-Book and paperback

Copyright © 2017 David C. Cassidy
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