Craving some scary reads?

From insidious supernatural evil to chilling and despicable villains, these books will keep your heart racing from start to finish. If you’re a fan of Stephen King, Dean Koontz, or Clive Barker, you’ll be captivated by the rich and terrifying storytelling of David C. Cassidy. Enjoy the gallery.

"This is horror at some of its finest."

“The Dark is everything that horror fiction fans want—scary, unsettling, relentless and so creepy that you will not want to read it at night.”

“Exceptional writing on a par with Stephen King.”

“Move over Twilight Zone … David C. Cassidy may have you beat.”

“The author has hit it out of the park with this scary story. Stephen King would be proud.”

“This story was at times so scary that I had to stop reading.”

“David C. Cassidy writes with tremendous depth, emotion and imagination so that you are truly pulled deep into the story. The Dark compares with works of King and Koontz and is tremendously difficult to put down.”

Dark Shapes, Dark Shadows Book 1

In his chilling series of eerie short stories, award-winning author David C. Cassidy draws you into a twisted realm of horror, where reality is a nightmare and your darkest fears lurk a heartbeat away. Welcome to Dark Shapes, Dark Shadows.

We're all damned.
It's just a question of when.

As his estranged father lies on his deathbed, Paul Steele is stunned by his father’s admission: Many years ago, he committed a ghastly crime and was never caught. As if this isn’t disturbing enough, his freedom was the result of a black-magic spell. As his last breath falls from his lips, he warns Paul that he should expect a visit from a mysterious stranger.
“He’ll be coming, son. A dark man. He’ll come from the shadows.”
That man is Haughnt.

The Dark

Award-winning author David C. Cassidy draws you into a realm of terror, a world unlike any other. With the inspired flair of Clive Barker and the pulse-pounding beat of Stephen King, The Dark will leave you breathless, reminding us all that for all we desire there is always a price, the currency in suffering and sacrifice. Brimming with insidious evil and a nerve-wracking pace that never lets up, this story will grab hold of your most primitive fears and crank them up to Warp 10—and won’t let go.

It knows what you want.
It knows what you need.

In denial over his father’s death in a horrific accident, Kelan Lisk has grown fearful and withdrawn. For this meek and bullied child, a burning desire to tame a deadly sledding hill consumes him, drawing him inside a wondrous place where anything is possible … including his father. But as this strange new realm spills into this one, twisting an innocent little boy into an agent of evil, the world is forever changed, devoured by an even greater evil—the Dark.

Velvet Rain

In the unbound spirit of Stephen King’s The Green Mile, award-winning author David C. Cassidy takes you on an extraordinary journey into the heart of the human soul, where one man’s incredible story of courage and tragedy will lift you, shock you, stir you—and leave you begging for more. Velvet Rain is a rollicking thrill ride, pitting unstoppable power against unstoppable evil—one of the most wicked and despicable villains in fiction. With a pulse-pounding beat that weaves paranormal, horror, and soft sci-fi with a deeply human touch, this is a story of heartbreak and redemption, terror and torment, and is sure to please horror, thriller, and soft sci-fi fans alike.

I have seen the
face of evil.
His name is Brikker.

I have seen the face of evil.
His name is Brikker.

A mysterious drifter, Kain Richards is the last of his kind—and a man on the run. Once a tortured prisoner and pawn in a deadly experiment, his freedom hangs in the balance against the relentless pursuit from an obsessed and brutal madman who will stop at nothing to possess him. So when Kain falls for a beautiful and sensible Iowa farmwoman, his very presence puts their lives in peril. A tragic accident forces his hand, and his astonishing secret—and godlike power—threatens not only his life and the woman he loves, but the fate of the entire world.

Fosgate's Game

Award-winning author David C. Cassidy dares you to light up a candle and curl up in your favorite reading chair on a cold, blustery night. Take in the sounds, the smells, the sensation of utter terror, as you weather a journey into the darkest side of the human psyche. In this chilling tale of supernatural horror where Stephen King meets The Twilight Zone, nothing is ever as it seems—and nothing can prepare you for the evil that lurks in the hearts of men. Eerie and sinister, Fosgate’s Game is a haunting tale of greed, dark magic, and murder.

It was a dark and
stormy knight.

It was a dark and stormy knight.

For Chadwick Harlow, a peaceful, easy-going Englishman, after-dinner drinks with his business partner—a ruthless, hard-edged hunter—is a weekly affair. But when casual conversation takes a mysterious and menacing turn into the supernatural, his wits are put to the test in a deadly challenge. Clinging to life but praying for death, Chadwick must summon the will to survive, before all is lost in a terrifying descent into madness.

Never Too Late

Always caught up in the everyday? Think you've got all the time in the world, only to get body-slammed with a cold dose of reality? You're not alone. Award-winning author David C. Cassidy weaves a chilling tale of one man’s ultimate fear with a disturbing twist—and a tragic life lesson for all of us.

Live now.
Before it's too late.

For Scott Fisher, a logical, dependable, urban professional with a beautiful wife and a precocious eight-year-old son, life has always been predictable. But lately, Scott has been anything but predictable, making his wife suspect that something is disturbingly wrong. And when Scott takes the family on an unexpected trip and begins to act even more strangely, their lives take a dark and disastrous turn.

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