Author David C. Cassidy      Author David C. Cassidy   

He was born a miracle.

It will take one to save the world. 5-Star Selection

"Reveals the demons hidden under human flesh." ★★★★★

"This book was at times so scary that I had to stop reading." ★★★★★

"Exceptional writing on a par with Stephen King." ★★★★★

"There are some books you can't get out of your mind after you've read them. David C. Cassidy's Velvet Rain is one of them." ★★★★★

In the unbound spirit of Stephen King’s The Green Mile, get ready for an extraordinary journey into the heart of the human soul, where one man’s incredible story of courage and tragedy will lift you, shock you, stir you—and leave you begging for more. Velvet Rain is a rollicking thrill ride, pitting unstoppable power against unstoppable evil. With a nerve-wracking beat that weaves paranormal and horror with a deeply human touch, this is a story of heartbreak and redemption, terror and torment, and is simply unforgettable.

He was born a miracle.

It will take one to save the world.

A mysterious drifter, Kain Richards is the last of his kind—and a man on the run. Once a tortured prisoner and pawn in a deadly experiment, his freedom hangs in the balance against the relentless pursuit from an obsessed and brutal madman who will stop at nothing to possess him. So when Kain falls for a beautiful and sensible Iowa farmwoman, his very presence puts their lives in peril. A tragic accident forces his hand, and his astonishing secret—and godlike power—threatens not only his life and the woman he loves, but the fate of the entire world.

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